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Jack Gariss 'Wafarer's Universe' @1978
Intro | Dante | Copernicus | Bruno | Kepler | Galileo | Descartes | Newton | Summary | Einstein | Outro

John G. Neihardt 'Flaming Rainbow: Reflections and Recollections of An Epic Poet' 1973
Intro | Early Years | Black Elk | On Poetry, 'Easter' | Crazy Horse | Sitting Bull | Wounded Knee

Lord Buckley Los Angeles, 1951
The Hip Gan | The Nazz | Jonah and the Whale | Cabenza de Gasca, The Gasser | People

Jack Kerouac (1959) San Francisco Scene | Readings from October In The Railroad Earth | On The Road
Allen Ginsberg (1959) America
William Burroughs (recorded 1990/1993)
Williams's Welcome | A Thanksgiving Prayer | Naked Lunch Excerpts
Ah Pook the Destroyer | After Dinner Conversation / Where He Was Going | Kill The Badger
New Standard by Which To Measure Infamy | No More Stalins, No More Hiters | Scandal at the
Jungle Hilton
| Love Your Enemies | Apocalypse | Ich Bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe Eingestellt
The Junky's Christmas | Words of Advice for Young People

Marshal Mcluhan 1967
The Medium Is The Massage A | The Medium Is The Massage B

Buckminster Fuller Recorded in Berkeley, CA Feb. 11, 1969
Revolution By Design-A | Revolution By Design-B